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If we assume the US House and Senate each own 50% of the legislative branch, then a voting district in Wyoming has nearly 10 times the representation than a voting district in California. All over America, votes cast in lightly populated States have greater value than votes cast in highly populated States. Federal law applies equally to every American, so every vote cast on the federal level should carry equal weight. Every American vote will carry equal value when we cut the Senate out of the federal government and give the entire legislature to its rightful owners, the House of Representatives.

The super rich, and their puppets, own the Senate because the amount of money required to run a successful Senate race dwarfs the amount required to run for the House. In order to launch a Senatorial campaign, corporate money must be sought. Potential Senatorial candidates are first screened by the concentrations of private power. After this process, the public gets the chance to choose among the corporate nominees. So Senators, emerging from the highest tip of American capitalist society, naturally look out for the interests of the opulent minority.

These problems are amplified by the fact that the Senate has sole congressional authority over passage of Federal Justices, high Executive Officers, and International Treaties. The undemocratic and aristocratic Senate routinely rapes these privileges. We abolish the Senate and hand these powers to our House.

Defenders of the status quo believe the Senate protects minority rights. This is false because minority rights are protected by the constitution, not the Senate. To violate minority rights requires changing the constitution which means approval by three fourths of the State Legislatures. Absent a senate, the American system guards against the impulsive and abusive action of a morally inferior majority.

The Senate suppresses the American will, and corrupts its true expression in the legislative branch. We must amend the Constitution to abolish the Senate.

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